Flavorsome food that you have never experienced before with aim to serve you with best in the best way that pleases you.


Just a few minutes’ drive from the finest locality of the city, easy to find located at a place where you wish to find a perfect time spending place with ambiance.


Take the taste of our excellence with you as we offer our take away service. packed perfectly to preserve the taste and take it where ever you want to without affecting the taste.


24 Hours Service Satisfy the need of delightful food with the finest cooking mixed with perfect ingredients. Desi dishes with perfect spice, your desire will no more be, as we will deliver you all you want.


Now you can receive the excellent taste of Haji Akhtar at your place whenever you wish and we will deliver it wherever you want. We tend to make you all happy with our real taste.


We always welcome you to our contact places whether on social media, call or personally feel free to connect with us anytime you want.

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